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The Great Falls Trail Blazers formed in 1999 with the goal of creating a multi-use trail system shared by pedestrians, horses, and bicyclists. The group now has more than 750 members.

The Great Falls Trail Blazers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization eligible to receive grant moneys and tax-exempt donations.

By laws. Click here to see by-laws in PDF format.

photo of Eleanor Weck

In memory of Eleanor Weck, Great Falls Trail Blazers co-founder and president.

Our Mission: To develop safe, scenic, multi-purpose trails throughout the Great Falls community where people can walk, ride horses or bike.

Our Goals

  • Install trails on both sides of major roads when properties are subdivided
  • Create better pedestrian access within and to Great Falls Village Center
  • Establish an integrated trail system connecting stream valley trails to the parks
  • Complete the trails on Fairfax County property
  • Open access to schools for pedestrians and bicycles
  • Map equestrian trails to obtain easements before these trails are closed
  • Install natural surface trails in gas pipeline areas
  • Establish a trails maintenance system
  • Connect willing Home Owners Association trails to the trail system

Key Accomplishments

  • Obtained nearly $2 million in Enhancement and Scenic Byway grants for construction of the Georgetown and Walker Road trails
  • Surveyed existing trails in Great Falls and updated Fairfax County's Existing Trails Map
  • Cleared Windermere trail along Georgetown Pike
  • Developed Lucy Hanes Trail between Great Falls Elementary School and the Library
  • Received a 2002 Potomac Trail Council Award for work on the Potomac Heritage Trail
  • Designed roadside trails in Great Falls in the Comprehensive Trails Plan, including on-road bicycle routes along Peacock Station, River Bend, Beach Mill and Springvale Roads
  • Adopted the Cross County Trail between Route 7 and Georgetown Pike
  • Sponsored annual stream cleanups of Difficult Run
photo of Potomac Heritage Trail between Great Falls and River Bend
photo of great blue heron along Potomac Heritage Trail between Great Falls and River Bend