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New Developments

When a property is subdivided or a site plan is filed, the developer/owner must install a trail in accordance with the Fairfax Countywide Trail Plan.

Click here to view the Countywide Trail Plan (very large PDF file)


photo of volunteers maintaining trail

Step 1: Research Property Ownership
If you would like to develop or complete a trail in your neighborhood, you may contact us or do some research on your own to determine who owns the land on which the trail will pass. Tax maps are very helpful in determining property ownership.

Step 2: Obtain Permission
Approach property owners and ask if they would permit people to walk there.

Step 3: Design/Map the Trail
Plan the details of the trail.

Step 4: Clear the Trail
Our group of volunteers and professional landscapers can construct natural surface trails when and where requested.

Step 5: Maintain the Trail
Natural surface and stonedust trails require mowing twice a year. Sometimes tree limbs need to be pruned. The property owner or HOA usually mows or trims. Great Falls Trail Blazers is happy to assist with ongoing maintenance of our community trail system.


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photo of volunteers maintaining trail